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Welcome to the Swiss Bikers Connection

Have you ever thought about exploring Switzerland on a bike?
There is no in Switzerland, yet Switzerland is a bikers heaven!
Many mountains and hills want to be mastered, many lake sides want to be cruised along, and if you want to escape on a freeway, you can.
The Swiss Bikers community is huge, you will find plenty of Biker Taverns, Restaurants and Motels where you will be warmly welcomed.
You can drive around Switzerland in a week, visiting each of the 4 Swiss language zones.

Language Zones

Swiss-German Zone:
The biggest city (Zürich), the capital (Bern) and most of the lakes in this rather flat part of Switzerland, belong to the Swiss-German language Zone. People are willing to speak your language, and they are glad if they can help you finding a nice place to stay.

Swiss-French Zone:
Geneva, the magnificant lake of Geneva with its towns such as Montreux, and the lower part of Wallis, should not be missed, already cause of the legendary Cheese Fondue, and Raclette.

Swiss-Italian Zone:
How about stroling along a palm-fringed lake, warm southern climate for a change? You can get this in the "Sun-Portal" of Switzerland, in the canton of Tessin!

Swiss-Romanic Zone:
The biggest Canton is Graubünden. It offers a big National Park, offering many Nature Parks. You don't want to miss this one!

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