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Unterwalden is the old name for what is now two cantons in central Switzerland, south of Lake Lucerne. It consists of two half-cantons, an upper part, Obwalden, and a lower part, Nidwalden.
Unterwalden was one of the three participants in the 1291 alliance (Federal Charter of 1291) with Uri and Schwyz, considered the origin of the Swiss Confederation.
Obwalden Nidwalden
Capital: Sarnen
Language: Swiss German
Web: Obwalden is a canton of Switzerland. It is located in the centre of Switzerland. The population is 33,997 (2007) of which 4,043 (or 11.9%) are foreigners. Lakes in the canton include: parts of Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee), Lake Sarnen (Sarnersee), Lungerersee, Wichelsee, Tannensee and Melchsee. The total area of the canton is 490.5 square kilometers (189.4 sq mi). As of 2006, 197.3 km2 (76.2 sq mi) or about 40.2% of the canton is wooded. 185.8 km2 (71.7 sq mi), or about 37.9% is used in agriculture. Of the rest of the area, 15.8 km2 (6.1 sq mi) or 3.2% is developed (structures and roads) and 91.6 km2 (35.4 sq mi) or 18.7% is classed as unproductive (rivers, mountains or glaciers). Its capital is Sarnen. The canton contains the geographical centre of Switzerland.
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Capital: Stans
Language: Swiss German
Web: Nidwalden is a canton of Switzerland. It is located in the centre of Switzerland. To the north it is bounded by the Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee), to all other directions by mountain chains (Urner Alps). The area of the canton is 276.1 square kilometers (106.6 sq mi) of which about 40% is inhabited or used for farming. Forests occupy about one third of the canton with about one quarter being considered unproductive (mountains or glaciers). The population is 40,287 (in 2007) of which 4,046 (or 10%) are foreigners. The capital is Stans.
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